BIS Core Courses: 401

BIS Core Courses: 401

BIS 401 Applied Interdisciplinary Studies

BIS 401 Course Description
BIS 401 offers a remarkable opportunity to apply your interdisciplinary skills and knowledge in an applied setting, to more thoroughly integrate your concentration areas (or two to three organizational studies areas), and to more broadly integrate your theoretical and practical education. This course is designed to guide you through interdisciplinary analyses of your applied site, the site functioning as a case study, or experiential lab. Most of your time will be spent at the applied site, and that experience will be made more meaningful and valuable as you complete a series of analytical and integrative assignments that are submitted online. Prerequisites: C or better in BIS 301 and BIS 302; 2.0 GPA; approved BIS 401 application.

Application Due Dates for BIS 401:

Summer C 2015 (5/18 – 7/10): Application available March 16, 2015

Due: April 23, 2015, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Summer B 2015 (7/1 – 8/11): Application available May 18, 2015
Due: June 18, 2015, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Fall C 2015 (8/20 – 12/4): Application available July 1, 2015
Due: July 30, 2015, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Fall B 2015 (10/14 – 12/4): Application available August 20, 2015
Due: October 1, 2015, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Spring C 2016 (1/11 – 4/29): Application available October 14, 2015
Due: December 3, 2015, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Spring B 2016 (3/14 – 4/29): Application available January 11, 2016
Due: February 25, 2016, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Summer C 2016 (5/16 – 7/8): Application available March 14, 2016
Due: April 21, 2016, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)

Summer B 2016 (6/29 – 8/9): Application available May 16, 2016
Due: June 16, 2016, before 4pm Arizona time (MST)


Complete the BIS 401 Internship Workshop


Complete the BIS 401 Application

Click the link above to access the BIS 401 online application which will be available per the dates listed above. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please email or call (480) 965-1970 or consult the frequently asked questions web page.

Read through the BIS 401 Guidelines

The BIS 401 application guidelines provide critical information regarding the BIS 401 application process.


BIS 401 options
Applied Study: Students choosing to do an applied study for BIS 401 will locate, secure and arrange an internship that integrates both of their concentrations equally (or two or more organizational studies areas) in a meaningful way. Students must complete 125 hours at their applied study site during the academic semester they are completing BIS 401. These hours must be completed continuously between the first and last day of the semester and cannot begin before the term the student is enrolled in the course. For students choosing an Applied Study (internship), BIS 401 is delivered as an online course with writing assignments that complement the student’s experiences at their applied studies site. See a sample syllabus of an Applied Study course.

Directed Study: Students choosing to complete a directed study will find a full-time ASU faculty member to supervise and mentor a research project that also integrates their concentration areas in a meaningful way. Research projects vary from student to student, but students can expect to complete the equivalent of a 30-page research project. In most cases, students completing the Directed Study option work independently with supervision from their mentor. Completing this option online is possible, but this would be determined in consultation with your mentor. You must get approval from the BIS 401 coordinator ( before applying for this option which includes your topic and the faculty member who has agreed to work with you. Once you have approval from the coordinator you will receive directions on how to move forward with the BIS 401 application. Once your Directed Study application has been accepted and you have been enrolled in BIS 401, your syllabus for the Directed Study course may look like the following sample syllabus.

Managed Study: This is a backup plan only available if the application deadline for the above options have been missed. An option available ONLY for graduating seniors in their final semester who are unable to submit applications or meet deadlines for the Applied or Directed Study options. Students will apply a minimum of 135 hours researching and writing a 12,000 word (not counting quotes) report using at least 12 academic sources (original sources are to be attached), and meeting all standards of an academic paper including appropriate citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, ASA, Chicago, Turabian). Students must provide weekly rough drafts that demonstrate progress. Any missed drafts, or drafts with insufficient progress, will lower the course grade. The instructor of record will take weekly drafts and the final product into account when calculating the grade for the course. See a sample syllabus of the Managed Study course. If you have missed the deadline for the Directed or Applied options and are in need of the Managed Study you must email to find out more information and how to enroll.

BIS 401 Application Extensions
Any deadline extensions must be requested in writing no later than the Tuesday before the deadline at 4 p.m. All deadline extension requests must be accompanied by an official, signed statement from the mentor organization on company letterhead stating why an extension is needed. Extensions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and students will be notified of the decision from the BIS office within 24-hours of the extension request.

BIS 401 Resources
Planning and preparation are essential for success in BIS 401. Start early and take advantage of these available resources:

International Students please note: Please inform ISSO of your BIS 401 plans in advance of your application. You will also need to complete the appropriate CPT paperwork which can be found online here.